Office yoga offers several types of fitness, which can be scheduled for any day most convenient for the company. For noticeable results, it is recommended that participants exercise regularly (min. 1x a week) and long term.

Depending on your specific work plan and type of job, you can select one or more programs for you and your employees. We offer the following packages:

Daily refresh

For yoga lovers

Individual lesson

Healthy workshop

Stretching and special yoga exercises with the use of an office desk/chair, an emphasis on releasing the most stressed parts of the body, improve labor productivity, regenerates. Stretching is held in several small groups. Modern yoga exercise on yoga mats supplied by Office yoga, thorough training of proper breathing, stretching and relaxation. Energizes, strengthens, recovers. Classical yoga, stretching, breathing and relaxation. Individual approach. Lesson responds to specific requests of participants. Education on the prevention of health problems caused by sedentary work. Participants will learn the proper techniques of release, acquire proper ergonomics.
Increase labor productivity! Energize, strenghten, stretch! Regenerates! Healthy prevention!

The basic hourly rate is 1090 CZK.

Travel expenses: Free in Prague

We offer also yoga mats for rent.