1) What do we need to exercise in workplace?

Only comfortable clothes and a good mood. Exercising is done barefoot. We can provide yoga mats.

2) Are corporate yoga classes suitable for beginners?

Yes. Even an absolute beginner will be able to follow our lesson. Our teachers pay individual attention to every participant.

3) How much space is needed to exercise ?

Each person will need at least 1m x 2 m to exercise. A suitable space can be a conference room, hall , dining room , or the office itself.

4) What is the minimum / maximum number of participants in a group?

Minimum number of participants is not specified; we charge a single rate per lesson. Maximum number of trainees in the group is 10. This is because we would like to pay attention to your employees individually.

5) What are the best times to exercise?

The general rule is the emptier stomach, the more efficient the exercise is.

6) How long does one lesson take?

One lesson should last at least 45 minutes, to be effective. We recommend 60 minutes. It depends on the agreement with the client again.

7) At what time and day you can provide lessons?

Your company itself chooses which times are the most suitable for you.

8) Can lessons be cancelled or moved to a different date?

Of course. We understand that unpredictable things happen and schedules change. If you wish to cancel a previously scheduled lesson, or change the date of the lesson, please inform us at least 24 hours before the start of the appointed lesson.

9) Isn’t it a waste of time?

Many employees who work with computers relax with other less appropriate ways, such as browsing the Internet or social networks using cellphones. Others take breaks for coffee or cigarettes several times over the course of a day. None of them, however, contribute to their health . Small breaks are necessary, it is just a matter of how to use them most effectively.