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Reference from clients:

Klára Sejková, Health & Safety Specialist, T-Mobile Czech Republic, as

Cooperation with the Office yoga on corporate health days at branches of T-Mobile is going smoothly and without any problems. We appreciate not only professional and individual approach to our employees, who themselves workshops rated as very good, but also accommodating and flexible approach to the organization of the event itself. Workshops are conducted in an engaging way, participants have the opportunity to try out the movements under the guidance of teachers right in the workplace. The cooperation is excellent in all directions.

Jaromír Beránek, Financial and Investment Controller at Wayra CEE

The start-up accelerator Wayra helps to develop promising business projects of young entrepreneurs who are used to spend long hours in the office and often miss some relax and stretch while working. Helena and Mili attracted more than 20 highly concentrated start-upist for their first workout already and many of them attend their yoga classes regularly. The energy invested by our yoga teachers is simply highly contagious. Office Yoga pours fresh blood to our veins!

Miroslav Polach, law clerk at Havel, Holasek & Partners

As a sports fan I have thought that yoga wouldn’t interest me. I decided to try it when we got the Office yoga lessons from the employer as a benefit and I could go to practice in the work. I was pleasantly surprised right on the first yoga lesson by its rather sporty concept, intensity and real fun. I also appreciated how Mili leads the lessons. She really knows not only about yoga a lot and is a great trainer. Moreover she can lift your mood for the rest of the day.

Vendula Jarolímková, Executive Assistant to CEO, CBR s.r.o.

Actually I looked forward to first OY class. I realized that I need to train breathing and relaxing, so I was looking forward to practicing more in this area. Moreover, I expected some rest from work, but also a nice collective stretching with colleagues. Just a form of fun and relaxation. I was pleasantly surprised that the instructor was very proffesional and positive. She knew how to bring her skills and attract people in the office. She was also able to adapt lesson to the specific environment of our office and our demands. She also worked individually with each person. Lesson meet my expectations. It’s the perfect cheer in working day. It is a pity that our rush job don’t allow us to do more yoga. However, we are happy that we have at least this opportunity, to stretch ourselves once a week.

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