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Pozhled z druhé strany – Office yoga v zahraničí

Sara Graham pochází z Kanady. V současnosti však žije v Praze a vede workshopy restorative flow jógy a čakra jógy. Studovala v Torontu se světovými jógínskými špičkami, včetně Simona Parka a Seane Corn. Sara má svůj jedinečný přístup k regeneračním jógovým cvičením, které propojuje s metafyzickým konceptem čaker. Pomocí svých znalostí a zkušeností vede studenty k vyrovnanosti a to zejména pomocí meditací a manter. Přináší tak zase o něco více světla a lásky do jejich každodenního života.

Sara Graham lives in Prague and teaches Restorative Flow & Chakra Workshops. She trained in Toronto with world-renowned yogis, including Simon Park and Seane Corn. She brings a unique perspective to her restorative yoga practice by blending universal life lessons with the metaphysical concept of the chakras. Using her knowledge, Sara guides students through balancing mantras and meditations that they can use to bring more light and love to every day.

Hello Sara. Please introduce yourself to us a little bit.

Well, I guess I can start by saying that I am a recent import from Canada as my partner and I moved to Prague about one year ago. We love it here. He is an animation artist at a video game studio, while I work from home as a content producer. The majority of what I do centers on helping entrepreneurs communicate with their audience – writing web site copy and creating e-newsletters.

In 2013 I earned my yoga teaching certificate so I like to teach restorative yoga when I can find opportunities.

How do you percieve the health trends in companies abroad? Do they assign any importance to the health and wellbeing of their employees? And how do they boost their wellbeing?

Based on my experience in Canada and what I know about the industry in general, I would say this is more than a trend.  A lot of companies with a progressive culture are offering yoga classes and other programs to reduce employee stress. I know people who teach at Google…companies like that see the benefits. A lot of Toronto’s yoga studios offer corporate coaching packages.

Let’s talk about office yoga. Do you think yoga and meditaion can fit in offices?

Absolutely! I definitely feel corporate culture would benefit from starting the day with at least 20 minutes of gentle stretching and meditation. Personally, once I started doing this every morning it completely changed my life. I found I was able to approach my work with more energy and focus.

Do you have any experience with yoga in the office? How the employees feel about the classes? What is your experience?

While living in Toronto, I taught weekly sessions at an animation production studio. Restorative yoga was perfect for these women and men who were basically chained to their desks for hours. They were all so stiff at first, but after a few weeks they loosened up and felt the positive results.

What was the typical health problem of the „office people“?

From what I observed, the problem was always stiff muscles – Especially in the neck, lower back and legs – as well as sore joints.

What is your definition of healing? What facilitates the process?

This is a big question for me. I worked like a maniac all through my 20s and early 30s, so that unhealthy lifestyle led me to where I am today. I have had to spend the last few years going through a process of restoring my mind/body/spirit connection. I worked with naturopathic doctors, did the 8-day Hoffman Process, and established a dedicated yoga practice. It was a huge commitment, but well worth the effort. I guess I can say that „healing“ means taking the time to address those issues that are holding you back from a happy and healthy life. As far as what facilitates the process…Trust, patience, and faith that things will get better. One must also surround themselves with people that are positive and supportive.

Thank you, Sara!